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FEF develops customized solutions for the Polyurethane Foam Customer needs. We specialized in special machinery & formula to produce the highest quality polyurethane foam blocks in a variety of grading and density, both manually and automatically.

We are passionate about building the most effective manufacturing lines in the foam industry – ensuring flawless quality, on-time delivery, and the reliable supply of our broad range of technologies. Our in-line 3D cutting tools provide consistency and precision for optimum design – every product, every batch.

We make the best mattresses!

FEF invests widely in the latest state-of-the-art components and machines, advance technology and production techniques and highly professional and experienced manpower to produce superior, local and globally competitive products that are cost-effective, to meet increasing demand and remain competitive. With an average growth rate in excess of 8% per annum, the manufacturing sector has great potential to go tapping a growing local and global market. However, with increasing labour and production costs, cost-effectiveness is the key to continue business growth and success and FEF continues to maintain this vital balance to stay ahead.

Teamwork is the password at FEF to ensure consistently higher productivity, combined with our highly professional and expertise and well supported by far-sighted management, planning and astute marketing strategies. Our emphasis on advanced production techniques and superior QC in every phase of manufacture ensures final delivery of products that meet the most stringent demands of all our clients, locally and globally.

Advanced Personal Training and economical use of vital raw materials is another key factor that consolidates FEF’s leading edge in the industry. Fine examples of the advance technology we use lies in machineries such as the Cannon Viking Maxfoam 500 Continuous Foaming Machine, based on the CFC-Free Production System, the CNC Poly-urethane Foam Cutting Machine and the Computerized Mulio-needle Quilting Machine.

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